Daniels Boat Page


We have a number of sailing dingys which we sail anually for a fortnight at Salcome as part of our family holiday well as locally during the rest of the year.

We also have a steam powered narrowboat which is a very unique peice of marine craft (there are around 8 in the country) that was deisgned and built by my grandad Tom Mason and run within the family by myself. EmilyAnne

In addition to our National12, Topper Topaz, Miror Dingy and Topper, my uncle Thomas also has a RS 200 and a Solo that he build himself as well now as a Salcombe Yawl (#168) which we sail while in Salcombe.


This is our topper, which we bought 2nd hand in salcombe about 4 years ago, is old (as you can see, its sail#24400) - but i spent most of its life unused in the prevous owners garage, so have only been used for about 8years, and even then only for about 3weeks a year - so its in very good shape for its age!! The sails still a great shape, and the hulls almost perfect except for some scuffing the foredeck from the launching trolley.

You can also see our mirror (off the wall) in the background.

This is our Topaz, which we had from new about 3years ago now, and is mainly sailed with the "RACE X" rig, as seen, with fully batterned main, extended jib and large assymetic jennika. - great full, but a bit of a pain to rig due to its topper style mast that has to be totaly deriged to put the main down!! And then everything has to be put back before you next sail it, mast together, main on, jib on, spin re-riged, ahhh nightmare. But man its good fun to sail once your out there. So fun and forgiving, even in a force 4 its just so goot to sail.

We also have a Mirror as well, but we mainly just use it just to get about the estary with a 2HP outboard - its not often sailed. Becuase its abit "safe" and slow!!

And below, is a Map of Salcombe, where we sail on holiday.

Also, my uncal has an RS 200 which he brings down, along with there mirror called spot (the green/blue stripy one!) and a solo which lives on smalls and is lendt to a local who races it.


last updated 17/09/04