Daniels Computer Page


This is My PC setup at uni.

And my desk at home from a few years ago

This is the Office PC, with the bloated keyboard and all things wireless.

This is my current desktop at home, with my newer pc, and a pair of Samsung SM940# Moniters

Which was set up as the domain server for a number of years, now replaced with a 200GB NASdrive.

Ad-Hoc dirgram of out wonderfull network. - There are network cables to most of the upstairs room now!



System Specs

My Computer
OS: WinXP pro
CPU: AMD AthlonXP T'bird 1800+
Mem: 2*512mb Corsair Valuemax PC3200
G card: Sapphire ATi 9600Pro 256mb
Mobo: Abit NF7-S (was Abit AT7 Max2)
HDD: 120GB Samsung Spinpoint

Office PC
OS: WinXP pro
CPU: AMD AthlonXP 2600+
Mem: 2*512mb PC3200 Twinmoss w/winbond
G card: ATI 9800Pro v2
Mobo: Abit NF7- S(was Epox 8RDA+)
HDD: 200GB Samsung Spinpoint

OS: Windows MCE
Evesham QuestA520
CPU: AMD athlon64 2200Mhz
Mem: 1024mb
HDD: 80GB Maxtor

2nd Family PC
OS: WinXPpro
CPU: AMD athlon T'bred 1000mhz
Mem: 512mb Kingmax DDR400
G card: Geforce Ti200 Mx
Mobo: ASrock K7VT4A Pro
HDD: 60GB Seagate barracuda V

Server (ex)
OS: Win2kAS
CPU: AMD athlon T'bred 1000mhz
Mem: 128+256mb PC133
G card: Asus Geforce 2 GTS
Mobo: MSI KT7 Pro1
HDD: 11GB Fujitsu


PDf file on web site promotion

Fan Spec list
- Borowed from some one from the OCS forums (before it closed)

Last updated 17/09/06