Daniels Projects.


This the coachroof from our Narrowboat which i designed and built as part of my second year A-levals.It covers the dutch-barge style folding wheelhouse on the rear of the boat.

It is of a compsite constuction with a softwood frame, plywood substraight and epoxy-glass skin making it very light, strong, and weatherproof. Unlike the previous one.






This is the Bookcase i made for my first year A-leval Project.

Tthe unit is made from solid american white oak, I designed and build it to fit in the alcove of my bedroom and hold the things i have to store The full hight is 1.8m

The design was thought up to be modern and minimalistic, while still having a traditional and solid feel to it to match with the rest of the room. Hence the use of solid oak mated with the smooth flowing double curved front edge.

The unit is finished with liberon finishing oil, which give very good finish.





This is a much older project done for my GCSE, which comprises of an small table, with intrgral chess board and chessmen storage.

The chessmen and board where made by me. The wood is Pirahna pine






Also, you can see my final A2Project HERE


last updated 03/03/05