Daniels RCs
I started RC at a very early age with numorous remote and radio controled toy cars.
- My the time i was 8 I had my first bought my first proper rc car, a second hand shumacher buggy after racing one of my uncals old cars for a few months.
- 3/4 years later i bought the Mardave cobra as a 2nd car to outside of the club and save damage to the cougar when just "playing" with the car.
- Then after a number of years out of the hobby i bought the Duratrax car as a cheap entry-leval nitro car to get me into the nitro ballgame.
- I also bought the Mardave V12 as a small car to race at wrexhams newly reopened indoor track, with the intention of possably geting a touring car such as a Pro4 to race outside when the summer came.
- This year i then bought the Hyper7, basicaly as a nateral progression from the smaller duratrax, and it ic certainly a fantastic car.
- I also now have a pair of RC10GT's which may shortly replace the duratrax as a small cheap car freinds can drive while i take out the hyper.


My Hyper7 - An 8thscale 4wd Nitro buggy
(shown here after its very first time out after break-in)


My first RC10GT, in full running order
(The RC10gt is a 10th scale rwd nitro stadium truck)


My Second RC10GT, with the older 'bathtub chassis', awaiting an engine and clutch,
(The RC10gt is a 10th scale rwd nitro stadium truck)


The Duratrax Maxamum ST
(10th rwd nitro engined stadium trnck)


The Mardave V12
(12th scale rwd electric)


My Mardave Cobra
(10th rwd electric)


And My old Shumacher Couger 2
(10th rwd electric)


    Last updated 30/12/06