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I have a meduim sized Ngauge layout, with GWR rolling stock, the layout has contiunal running provition as well as opertaion potentinal, incuding a runaround loop, two small sets of siding, a tunnel, and an 8foot long yard.

- The layout is in my bed room, the main layout folding up over the yard while not in use and for work on the wiring, and then folds down over my bed duing operation.



The Rolling stock

Both locos are GWR the tender loco to the left is a Ravenington Hall and the Tank is a **59 Pannier and has the van to permanently grafted on to hold the DCC Decoder (the hall as the decoder in the tender)


Also, i have Three GWR chocolate and cream main-line coach and two GWR chocolate and cream branch-line coach
about ten 7plank waggons, and two 5plank waggons  
3 single/double vent van, two "toad" brake vans  
and 4cattle vans and 3mineral waggons - Photos of these later.


The Track

And this is Preliminary design for the "Yard"

And this photo illustrates the difference between Peco's Code80 and Code55 (finescale) track

The Code55 track have a cunning "double bottomed" rail, which is then sunk into the (thinner) sleepers, this gives a much more realistic rail height as well as increased strength.

The control gear

  (more later)

I have a ZTC DDC control system (as can be seen above)

See the ZTC websight click here




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